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Summer Visit Options

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Planning on visiting campus? Go to our Campus Visit calendar. For all live virtual events, be sure to register on our Virtual Events calendar. Want to watch something now? Go to our On-Demand Events calendar

Considering Fordham?

If you’re excited to learn more about Fordham, you’ve come to the right place to figure out the best way to move your college search forward. You probably have some big questions; we believe we have the answers. Our visitation program ensures that you are informed by fact and can be guided by feeling.

Take a look below to see if you recognize any of these questions and see what we recommend.

What is Fordham all about? A great starting point! Our virtual information session provides you with an overview of Fordham the Jesuit University of New York. And, the opportunity to engage with admission counselors and students.

What does it feel like to go to school in New York City? Come for a student-led, guided tour. There’s nothing like summer in New York on either our Lincoln Center or Rose Hill campus. Can’t make it to campus? We have weekly Guided Virtual Tours.

What do the students think? Our Ram Talk is a weekly program run by students, for students. Come to this Q&A to hear what our students have to say about: professors’ office hours, joining clubs, the best place to get a slice of pizza, and pretty much anything else you might be wondering about.

Still not sure what visit option is right for you?

Call 718-817-4000 and ask to talk with an admission counselor. We'll be happy to talk you through all your options.

Event Descriptions

Let's tell you more about each option.

Campus Tour (open to all visitors): daily (9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m.); June - August; in-person, student-led, 60-minute campus tours; indoors and outdoors; hosted on each campus.  

Guided Virtual Tour (open to all visitors): live once a week, June 9 - August 25, Wednesdays at 3 p.m.; campus-specific tour of either Rose Hill or Lincoln Center; introduction by an admission counselor; two or three Fordham students on audio, sharing their screen and personal stories; 60 minutes.

Inside Track (open to all visitors): August 5, 12, and 20; virtual information session; Fordham students on campus, walking in and around campus live; answering questions live and via chat; 90 minutes.

On-Demand Events: any time; recordings of presentations or previously live events; 10-60 minutes.

Ram Talk (open to all visitors): live twice a week, June 8 - August 26, at 4 p.m. (Tuesdays) and 12 p.m. (Thursdays); virtual, student-led, topic-based conversations; Fordham students answering questions live and via chat; drop in any time within the 60-minute window.

Virtual Information Session (open to all visitors): four times a week, June 7 - August 26, at 4 p.m. (Mondays), 12 p.m. (Tuesdays); 10 a.m. (Wednesdays), and 3 p.m. (Thursdays); covers both campuses; recorded 30-minute presentation; two admission counselors on audio, answering questions live; two current Fordham students, answering questions via chat; 60 minutes.

Virtual Tour: on-demand; self-guided; 360-degree views and photos; 15-45 minutes.

Which event should I attend?

Identify what features matter most to you.

Attend a Campus Tour (open to all visitors):

  • if you want to come to campus (this is our only in-person option);
  • if you'd like to walk around campus, including the inside of our main buildings;
  • if you want to see our campuses live, exactly as they are!
  • if you want to hear from a current student (you also have the option at the end of the tour to speak with an admission counselor).

Attend a Guided Virtual Tour (open to all visitors):

  • if you want to hear from current Fordham students;
  • if you want information only about a specific campus (Rose Hill or the Lincoln Center);
  • if you want to get a sense of campus, but can’t come in person.

Attend Inside Track (open to all visitors):

  • if you want to learn about the college search and admission process;
  • if you want to see our campuses (without coming to campus);
  • if you want a Friday virtual event (August 20, though we'll also offer these on a couple of Thursdays).

Attend a Ram Talk (open to all visitors):

  • if you only want to hear from current Fordham students;
  • if you want a more flexible option (drop in anytime within the hour);
  • if you have specific questions only students can answer - it’s a Q&A format.

Attend a Virtual Information Session (open to all visitors):

  • if you want to hear from students AND counselors;
  • if you want a detailed overview of Fordham;
  • if you want additional information about our application process.

Attend any event:

  • if you’re going to be a high school senior;
  • if you're a parent or other family member;
  • if you’re a high school sophomore, junior, or senior; we also have some events during the year that are focused just for you!
  • if you’re an international student;
  • if you’re a transfer student, though you’ll want to see our specific transfer information.