Dates and Deadlines

Freshman, Performance, & International Freshman

There are several application plans that you can use to apply to Fordham University. These plans include Early Action, Early Decision, Priority Performance, and Regular Decision. Descriptions of each of these plans and a chart containing their deadlines can be found below:

Note on application deadlines: For Fordham University, we would like your application to be as complete as possible by the time of the submission deadline. We do understand that it is not always possible for official scores and supporting documents to arrive with the application. On or before the deadline, only the application itself must be received. Scores and additional documents should be received within two weeks of the deadline and no later than one month prior to the posted date of decision notification (by December 1st for Early Action/Early Decision and by March 1st for Regular Decision).

Early Action

In Early Action, students apply early and receive a decision well in advance of the University's regular response date. Early action is a non-binding (students are not required to enroll if admitted) application plan. Our deadline is November 1.

Early Decision

In Early Decision, students make a commitment to a first-choice institution where, if admitted, they will definitely enroll. Early decision is a binding (students must enroll if admitted and withdraw any other pending applications) application plan. Our deadline is November 1. 

Priority Performance (Required Deadline For All Theatre Or Dance Major Applicants)

Students who are applying to Fordham's BFA Program in Dance and BA Program in Theatre must apply under this application plan. Priority Performance has the same deadline as our Early Action and Early Decision plans (deadline is November 1), but does not have the same notification timeline. Please refer to individual program pages for additional application and audition requirements. Decisions are released on a rolling basis after February 1, and all decisions are received by April 1.

Regular Decision

In Regular Decision, students submit an application by a specified date and receive a decision in a clearly stated period of time, typically no later than April 1. Regular decision is a non-binding application plan. Our deadline is January 1. 

Plans and Deadlines


Early Action*

Early Decision*

Priority Performance*

Regular Decision

Application Deadline





Admission Decision Notification Date



Between 2/1 and 4/1


Deposit Deadline





Spring Freshman Admission

We also accept application for spring Freshman admission. The deadline has been extended to November 8.

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Transfer, Performance, and International Transfer Students

Students can apply to transfer for either the Fall or Spring Semesters. The following are the deadline dates for those programs. Please note, performance programs have additional requirements.

Fall Semester Admission

Deadline is June 1. Decisions are released on a rolling basis after March 1.

Spring Semester Admission

Deadline is November 1. Decisions are released on a rolling basis after October 1.

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