Notice of Intent to Submit (NITS) Form

This internal form must precede every application submission within 20 working days of the deadline. It provides all the necessary approvals, as well as giving the OSP office advance notice of your submission so we can be prepared to assist you. Please submit this form, along with a budget and project abstract, to your Chair (if applicable) and Dean for approvals. Your Dean will forward the documents to the OSP office. It is preferable that this form, and its attachments, be circulated via email. This form is updated periodically so please always use the version on the website!

Note: Data will only be saved if you download the form to your computer. If you fill it out from within a browser and try to save it, when you open it again it will be blank!

Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure Form

Disclosure Form
Please familiarize yourself with Fordham University's Financial Conflict of Interest in Research policy. This form must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs if you have any significant financial interest that could affect your research.

Proposal Preparation Forms

If Fordham is a subawardee on a grant proposal, you may use this form letter to create the Letter of Intent to be included in the application:
Letter of Intent to Enter into a Consortium

Award Management Forms

Commonly used forms for post-award management:

For additional information on employment, benefits and payroll forms, please contact Fordham University's Human Resources Department.