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IRB Forms

IRB Forms are available on the Mentor system. 

Log-in to Mentor from your account by clicking the Institutional Review Board button located on the My Apps tab.




  • Please download, open, and complete the appropriate application along with any informed consent letters, assent statements, etc. which are specific to your project.



  • Please save each attachment separately and clearly label each one as each document should be uploaded into Mentor individually under the applicable category i.e. consent forms, data collection forms, recruitment materials, etc. You will find the categories to choose from when uploading your protocol documents. 



  • Remember to include copies of CITI completion certificates for all those research personnel NOT affiliated with Fordham included in the application. 



***If you are posting research flyers, the IRB policy on posting research flyers on the university campuses is as follows:

Please bring IRB signed and stamped posters to these Offices of Student Leadership and Community Development (OSLCD) for approval to post:

Lincoln Center campus | LL 408 | S. Varga
Rose Hill campus | S. Heichel | McGinley 204
Westchester campus | G. Grastorf | Room 147

Please bring your APPROVAL LETTER (ROA) with you when you bring your flyers for approval by OSLCD.