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GSS Centennial News

NYC Health Commissioner Says Systemic Racism Affects Health

In introducing Mary Travis Bassett, M.D., the commissioner of New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of Fordham, said that our nation is “at an inflection point.” Bassett came to Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus on Nov. 18 to deliver the Sapientia et Doctrina Lecture to celebrate the University’s Dodransbicentennial, as well as the Graduate School of Social Service’s (GSS) centennial.

Father McShane said that the heritage and work of GSS represent the “underlying values of the republic and the republic will endure. “It will endure and emerge because of the hard work done by women and men like you,” he said to the audience of social workers.

Travis then delivered a lecture that cast an unflinching eye on how race equity and social justice, or lack thereof, affects the health of underserved communities and racial minorities in particular.

Fordham GSS Honored Among Others at Westchester Fall Gratitude Reception

Celebrating Fordham University’s longevity and honoring those community partners who have contributed to Fordham’s Graduate Schools was front and center at the Fordham Westchester Fall Gratitude Reception held on Thursday, November 10th at the Fordham Westchester campus.  The well-attended gala recognized Fordham University’s Dodransbicentenial alongside other impressive milestones such as 40 years of Fordham in Westchester, 100 years of the Graduate School of Education, and 100 years of the Graduate School of Social Service.

University Celebrates Dodransbicentenial with Westchester Partners

Fordham bonds run deep and often transcend time and place. On Nov. 10, Fordham Westchester held its Dodransbicentennial celebration, and many attendees of all ages held memories from the University’s various schools and campuses.

Lincoln Center Reunion: A Gathering of Schools’ Histories

This year’s Lincoln Center reunion brought alumni from across the decades to campus on June 9 for breakout celebrations across five schools that have called Manhattan home.

In addition to commemorating each cohort, this year alumni from two of the graduate schools were celebrating a common milestone: 100 years since their founding.

GSS Scholarship Winners Announced During Alumni Reunion [Video]

On June 9, we held our GSS Alumni Reunion in conjunction with the other professional schools, the Undergraduate College at Lincoln Center, and the Office of Alumni Relations. It was a wonderful event with approximately 100 Alums participating. In addition to the lovely food and drink, Father McShane stopped by to deliver a very special welcome. But the highlight of the evening was most definitely the presentation of the GSS Centennial Scholarship Awards.

Centennial Celebrations Punctuate Reunions and Jubilee

As in years past, former classmates will reunite, old flames may reignite, and nostalgia will reign supreme as Jubilee 2016 and the Alumni Reunion at Lincoln Center descend onto Fordham’s campuses this weekend and in the week following.

But this year’s celebrations will have a once-in-a-century twist. Three of the University’s graduate schools will kick off a yearlong celebration of their centennials during various reunion parties.