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Employee Updates

Many employee updates can be made in Banner Self-Service (within the Information folder) on the Human Resources tab of the University portal, These include:

  • Updates to emergency contact
  • Updates to email addresses
  • Updates to many address types such as local, mailing and billing

As an employee, you can update your own record in our Employee Directory, After signing in with the same username and password used to log in at, you can add a nickname that students may recognize more than your legal name, change locations if your office changes and send a message to Human Resources if you feel there is an error with the listed position title.

There are a few changes that you are not able to make electronically at this time. These include:

Please review the procedures for making these updates and submit the forms. Updates to marital status and address can be submitted to Human Resources, FMH 506 and updates to tax withholdings and direct deposit information can be submitted to Payroll Services, FMH 519B.